One-on-One Coaching for Individuals

My Performance Synthesis Coaching Framework encourages clients to examine their perceptions of how they perform in the 12 main areas of life: Love Relationships, Friendships, Adventures, Environment, Health & Fitness, Intellectual Life, Skills, Spiritual Life, Career, Creative Life, Family Life, and Community Life. Clients identify and perceive their own performance levels in each of these areas to see what is working and what is not. We then take the strengths of each area and see how we can apply them to the others. Our goal is to create a balance for holistic peak performance, happiness, and continual reinvention. We meet on Zoom once a week for six weeks with assigned growth activities between, then reevaluate for an extension.

One-on-One Coaching for Students

We adapt the Performance Synthesis model to fit the unique personal challenges of a high school, college, or graduate student struggling with focus, academic performance, choosing a major, engaging in long-term research, writing a thesis, professional development, and a number of issues. We meet once or twice a week on Zoom for six weeks with assigned growth activities, then reevaluate for an extension.

Group Coaching for Institutions

I work with museums, nonprofits, university academic departments to inventory their current operations and find areas of opportunity. We establish a clear list of goals, co-create action steps to reach those goals, identify roadblocks, and develop strong infrastructures for sustainable progress. We meet once a week for four weeks in person at your institution to evaluate progress and discuss assigned growth activities.

Coaching Curriculum for Schools

Students go through school being taught foundational skills like reading and writing, but how often are they encouraged to learn the art of paying attention. I design coaching curriculum for schools that complements existing curriculum, providing students year-long or semester-long support to find their best methods of showing up for themselves and their classes to achieve higher levels of performance, personal satisfaction, and a new appreciation for learning. I meet with administrators and teachers once a week in person for six weeks to evaluate progress and discuss assigned growth activities. I meet with students as needed per individual school needs.

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