Chris Riggs

I’m a performance coach specializing in one-on-one academic lifestyle and group coaching for cultural institutions. My work pulls from my training in neuroplasticity development practices, cultural history studies, university curriculum development, and community organizing to help individuals and businesses create actionable steps toward achieving their goals. I have worked with artists, students, business professionals, yoga scholar-practitioners, media organizations, and wellness brands to identify their passions and areas of opportunity to grow those passions into the foundations of sustainable work-life balance. My goal is to help clients perform consistently at their highest levels in all areas of life so they can concentrate on time cultivating their true selves and the relationships that mean most to them.

The Professional

I’ve given workshops and talks for organizations such as Yoga Alliance, Reimagine, the YogaNow! app, and Umoja Events’ 2021 Juneteenth Celebration about the power of co-collaboration, transformative change, and social justice. I’ve hosted team-building events for companies like Yahoo, Gensler, Amazon, and Peloton. And my articles have been published by the likes of Embodied Philosophy’s Tarka, the Fashion Studies Journal, and Condé Nast College.

The Personal

I was born and raised in South River, New Jersey. After living in Los Angeles, where I explored my passion for screenwriting and improv comedy, and London, where I explored my passion for fashion journalism and business development, I settled in New York City. My endless pursuit of adventure, self optimization, and purpose are the unifying themes in my journey. I’m excited to share that with the world outside of coaching through my poetry, multimedia art, and other creative projects. If you’re looking for me, you can most likely find me at a museum.

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